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Friday, June 3, 2011

new myvi 2011 specification

estimations price of the new myvi 2011 are made across the web for the new upcoming new 2011 myvi.

here are some leaked specification of the new myvi.
The specifications for the new Perodua Myvi are as below:Engine: 1.3-L and 1.5-LTransmission: Auto and ManualModel for Myvi 1.3 L:
  1. Standard
  1. Permium
  1. Elegance
Model for Myvi 1.5 L:
  1. Special Edition
  1. Extreme

so there will be no more 1.0 myvi anymore. and comes with new 1.5L.

I wonder if the 1.5 models, or the 'extreme' models are in good sales as the hike of petrol seems to burden the  car owners.

besides the 'extreme' myvi 1.5L is estimated 60k, to me, that is over priced for a minivan, or hatchback already!!!

click here to check out the leaked pictures of myvi.

if you guys have any idea of the price list, do leave a comment below! thanks

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