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Thursday, June 9, 2011

more myvi 2011 leak photoes

after a month of delay. finally the launching date for the 2011 perodua myvi would be on the 16 june 2011 at PWTC by the prime minister.

more myvi 2011 photoes here, and this time perodua producing purple color myvi

could it be the same color as the purple kelisa before?

below are more of the photoes taken by forumers and car lovers.

would it be solid white? or pearl white?

this has to be the most clearest picture of the full car taken. and it seems to be the lowest spec as it does not have fog lights and also side skirtings.

perodua had the high specs equiped with LCD and it comes with GPS. some how i find that triangle glovebox a kind of annoying. 

seems like projector headlamps and this model comes with front skirting

probably the low specs comes with CD player only. i wonder if there are any aux in socket.

up close to the high specs version. its able to navigate GPS, FM stereo, CD player, USB reader, and amazingly SD card reader, could this player in the car allows user to open jpeg files? it is a brilliant idea that you could go somewhere out there, taking some photoes with your digital camera, when you're on your way back, your family could enjoy seeing the pictures taken right away! now i wonder if there are any DVD playback for this device. and also the bluetooth function. btw, i am kinda worry about road accidents might increase as people might lost concentration while driving.

now here is the price list, but its only for the 1.3 variant. i believe the figure excluded road tax and insurance. and it seems like the 1.5L would reach up to 60k!!! that is expensive as it is close to the price of alza already.

more links to myvi leak pictures:

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